About Us

About US

QS Quacquarelli Symonds is a leading global higher education company, with over 250 employees across 5 continents speaking over 25 languages. QS is best known for publishing the QS World Universtudent-insights-trackery Rankings one of the world’s most popular universtudent-insights-trackery ranking systems. But for QS, the mission doesn’t stop at data and research… Every year, the company helps tens of millions of prospective students and working professionals make the right educational choices and to develop the skills to succeed in their career and life. This is achieved by hosting 350+ global events, as well as offering various products, services and platforms aimed at linking students around the world (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, MBA, and executive-level) with the educational institution best fitted to them. QS is dedicated to a brighter future for the higher education world, helping students everywhere achieve their potential. Our mission statement supports who we are as a company.

Our Mission

"To enable motivated people anywhere in the world to fulfill their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development."

This is exemplified and translated by our team and their values. Our annual meetings illustrate the continued work that goes into our contribution towards developing higher education and ensuring sustainability.

Our Values


We believe that education changes lives, so we are passionate about what we do.


Our transparency ensures we are trusted, and we strive for the same level of transparency within our team.


Our innovation made us market leaders, and we encourage innovative thinking from all employees.


Our senstudent-insights-trackerivity to diverstudent-insights-trackery stands us apart, and this is seen with our extremely diverse team.


We empower everyone to reach their full potential, regardless of what level they’re at to begin with.


We collaborate extensively to deliver success, and thrive on teamwork and a cohesive culture.

History & Structure

QS was founded by Cambridge MA and Wharton MBA, Nunzio Quacquarelli, in 1990. During its 27 year history, the company has blazed a trail in the fast-developing area of universtudent-insights-trackery internationalization and comparability.

A passionate innovator in higher education intelligence, research, and services, QS developed:

  • the first World Universtudent-insights-trackery Rankings serving the student
  • the first global education recruitment tours
  • the first global higher education portals

World Universtudent-insights-trackery Rankings

QS’s universtudent-insights-trackery rankings serve as an analysis of the world’s top ranked universtudent-insights-trackeries by subject, region and age of institution, while our MBA rankings explore the best business school qualifications worldwide.

Read More Here.

Student Recruitment Tours

QS has always believed that face-to-face meetings are an important part of the student decision-making process. Therefore, we run over 350 events in 57 countries that connect students with the best universtudent-insights-trackeries and business schools. Some of these include:

We also stage Women in Leadership forums and provide one-to-one interviews for candidates with universtudent-insights-trackeries and business schools.

Student Recruitment Online Portals

QS has the world’s leading higher education platforms with TopUniverstudent-insights-trackeries.com, QSLeap.com, and TopMBA.com – with over 60 million vistudent-insights-trackerors annually. Innovations include matching tools for universtudent-insights-trackery candidates to identify the best universtudent-insights-trackeries and/or course option for them using our specialised Intelligence Unit and data research platforms.

We are progressively introducing more and more accurate support for the students’ search.

Networking Conferences

For Universtudent-insights-trackery professionals QS runs Conferences around the world which enable Universtudent-insights-trackery professionals to network and learn best practices in the fields of Universtudent-insights-trackery Leadership, Internationalisation, Partnerships & Mobility, Summer Schools, and topics specific to different subjects.

Our main conferences are :

  • QS-APPLE and QS-MAPLE which put emphasis on partnerships, internationalization and performance improvement.
  • QS Edu Data Summit is for strategic planners to identify best practices.
  • Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Conference has become the ‘Oscars of Higher Education’ providing global awards for the most innovative pedagogies in learning, teaching and nurturing employability.”

Intelligence Unit

QS is the leading specialist research group in higher education, producing primary research in Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Ph.D. programs across 120 nations. QS collects data from and provides services to thousands of universtudent-insights-trackeries and colleges and employers around the world.

Technology Unit

QS understands the modern higher education needs technology support to provide world-class service. QS provides software as a service to enable universtudent-insights-trackeries to operate to world class standards in the fields of international student exchange, partnerships and internationalization.

Charity and Corporate Responsibility

For many years, QS has funded scholarships for high potential students to study at some of the best universtudent-insights-trackeries and business schools around the world. These Scholarships are provided through QS Education Trust, a non-profit organization, which is funded by delegates attending QS conferences – QS-APPLE in Asia, QS-MAPLE in the Middle East, Edudata in London.

Over 200 young people have benefited from awards to support their international study at top universtudent-insights-trackeries and business schools including:

  • Stanford Universtudent-insights-trackery
  • The Wharton School
  • London Business School
  • IE Business School
  • National Universtudent-insights-trackery of Singapore 
  • Universtudent-insights-trackery of Chicago
  • Fudan Universtudent-insights-trackery
  • Hong Kong Universtudent-insights-trackery of Science and Technology
  • Universtudent-insights-trackery of Melbourne
  • And many more.

QS Scholarships are meritocratic and reward demonstrated leadership, community contribution and academic achievement. In addition, many institutions offer exclusive scholarships to event attendees of QS tours. Over $1.7m of exclusive scholarships are available to tour attendees and a further $7m of non-exclusive scholarships are made available.